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video surfacing in syria, showing a fresh round of violence over the weekend, leaving more than two dozen deaths. according to reports, tough to verify this stuff, but you can see it for yourself. what's happening today in that country really will give you pause. we have folks heading to the voting booth. the latest from there. >>> and why new reports about the newly crowned nbc milwaukee brewers outfielder ryan braun are disappointing many fans across this country. that's just ahead. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. insurance ... but afraid you can't afford it? well, look how much insurance many people can get through selectquote for less than a dollar a day. selectquote found, rich, 37, a $500,000 policy for under $18 a month. even though dave, 43, takes meds to control his blood pressure, selectquote got him a $500,000 policy for under $28 a month. ellen, 47, got a $250,000 policy for under $20 a month. all it
. >>> deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters raging in syria even though arab league monitors are on the scene. we're getting reports that the violence is worse than we originally thought. we're live in the region next. [gunfire] are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. arthel: some developing stories we're keeping an eye on. more tensions between the u.s. and iran over the strait of hormuz. the pentagon warns any attempt to close the key oil transit channel will not be tolerated. iran fires back saying that the u.s. is quote, in no position to give orders. >>> a slight rise in fixed mortgage rates this week. freddie mac says the average on the 30-year home loan increased to 3.95%. still many americans are unable to take advantage of the best rates in history. >>> and polar bears cubs, there they are, adorable ready to meet the public on new year's day in china. the male cubs were born october 14th. they a
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an eye on it. thank you. there is also a new wave of bloodshed in syria to tell you about. hundreds of thousands of protesters flooding the streets there after friday prayers. a live report on that coming up. jamie: plus security is already tight in new york city's times square. you can imagine over a million people expected and revelers ringing in the new year will need a warm coat. we'll tell you what you need wherever you're celebrating. we have your foxcast. that is coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] ♪ what i want this season ♪ if you'd like to try and guess ♪ ♪ it is something very special ♪ i would readily confess [ dogs barking ] ♪ 'cause all i want this season ♪ ♪ is something from your heart ♪ la da da, la da da [ male announcer ] thinking of others this holiday season, travelers. jamie: countdown, it has begun. the big new year's eve party right around the corner. look at at crossroads of america, times square in new york city. as we said a million people could be crowding the streets saturday night to watch the ball drop and ring in 2012. what will they n
, thank you. jenna: "happening now," escalating violence in syria, we're getting reports that security forces have fired on a funeral procession killing two people, raising today's death toll to at least 28. all of these reports tough to verify, of course, from the outside looking in. leland vittert is live from jerusalem as he takes a look at what's happening in that part of the world. leland? >> reporter: hi, jenna. right now we're looking at a death toll that is now well over 5,000 since these protests began, and there's a feeling that if assad government falls, the new regime in syria would actually be the first western-friendly regime that could come out of the arab spring. that means russia and iran are certainly putting a lot of force behind keeping assad in power, and the stakes here are very high. from mass anti-government protests to running street battles, the fight for syria has entered a new chapter, pitting the well-equipped army against it own people. >> the army is pretty strong. we should not forget that bashar has the spear yorety of -- superiority of using the air fo
closer to the iowa caucuses. jon: let's get carl a umbrella. breaking news out of syria, more than 200 people killed in those vie atlanta clashes over the past few days. check out this amateur video. this shows the fighting between protestors and government security forces. syria has banned most journalists and independent reporting inside the country. most of the footage we are left to show is shot by witnesses and uploaded onto social media sites. leland vittert is live in jerusalem for us now. >> reporter: that video that is coming out of syria is tough to watch. pretty soon we will have to come up with a new name other than protestors to describe what is going on in that country as it ascends into a war. it appears bashar al-assad has attacked some neighborhoods and killed everybody inside. so far in the past couple of days we hear about 200 deaths, but that number could certainly go much, much higher. there is yet to be any kind of territorial division inside like we saw in libya. there is always now a free syrian army, and these rebels gave us some of the first look at themselves
-il there were reports that north korea was working with syria to develop a nuclear weapon in syria. and there was a diplomatic relationship there with one leader and apparently president assad well. this leader kim jong-il is gone. i'm wondering with the death of moammar qaddafi as well how all these different relationships are changing between these countries that are our enemies. >> sure, i think the good news here is that lots of the dictator -- we've just reflected that there are dictators who thankfully are gone. there are also dictatorships that are on the offensive or under siege. syria is in 0 that category. even a country like iran, the mullahs had a bad year, they thought they had momentum. they've been put on the defensive because of what has happened elsewhere in the region. they've found themselves in an awkward supporting democracy and protests in egypt but deny it in iran. that necessarily means they probably have less time and energy to be able to cause mischief elsewhere. jenna: one would hope, right, that's the ideal situation. we are going into 2012 reflecting on
20 people are dead in syria after government tanks opened fire on anti-government protestors. it happened in holmes, a city at the heart of the nine-month-old uprising. violence there intensifying despite an agreement by president bashar al-assad to end the offensive against demonstrators. as monitors from the arab league arrive in that country on the verge of an all-out civil war leland vittert is keeping an eye on it live from jerusalem right now. leav >> reporter: what seems like is happening is the syrian government is trying to kill as many people as they possibly can before the arab observers get in place. they are scheduled to land in damascus in the next couple of hours. this is a race against the clock and brutality if you will. the video that is coming to us out of holmes is really, really disturbing stuff. this is the city that was at the very heart of the uprising and resistance there. the president's father, bashar al-assad's father there in syria killed 20,000 people in holmes when they revolted back in the 1980s. tanks are in the street. they are indiscriminate
on this christmas heist next. jon: there's new information now on the link between iran and syria. fox news jerusalem learning exclusively what tehran is doing now to help syria's leader assad embattled regime. all of this comes as the arab league arrives in damascus to prepare for monitoring the mission there. leland vittert with all the late-breaking details live from our jerusalem bureau. >> reporter: hi, jon. this may be a case of syrian government trying to kill as many people as they can before the arab league actually as observers there on the ground. latest numbers say 200 dead just this week. and the syrians are getting a lot of help from the iranians. that in of itself is not all that surprising but we've learned from western intelligence source that is the iranians are sending weapons, ammunition and also men on commercial airliners with passengers on board and they're doing that to try to get around some international sanctions to keeped assad in power. sear syria's powerful air force and army are among the most well-equipped in the middle east with russian fighter jets, attack
suicide car bombings in syria. dozen killed in the attack on security service bases in damascus. more than 100 are wounded. right now it is believed to be the work of al qaeda. leland vitter live in our middle east bureau right now. >> reporter: hi, john. al qaeda link being made by none other than syrian state television and the syrian government. in cases like this where they don't allow foreign journalists inside syria to figure these things out or see the evidence first-hand you have to take it with a very big grain of salt. we do know that 40 people, possibly more were killed in twin car bombings and they were incredibly well-organized. we saw video from state television. the general intelligence agency and one of the military intelligence buildings in a very nice neighborhood of damascus were reduced to rubble. these car bombs were huge. at least one was some 650 pounds of explosives. and it was being able to be brought into damascus, very heavily fortified capitol there in syria. this took a lot of planning. the syrian government as you said blamed it on terrorists. well, that is ex
: this new video out of syria. take a look. [gunfire] pretty rare to get video out of there but this chaos is caught on tape as shots rang out in the city of homsa group for our sister network, sky news was recently given rare access to look at civilian life. as you can see violence continues in uprising against president ba'asyir hassan which began in march. human rights panel said the government was given shoot to kill orders against demonstrations. nightly protection is given under the so-called free syrian army. jenna: police and protesters in the meantime clash in the streets of athens yet again. students were demonstrating in the greek capital when things turned violent. as you can see protesters throwing molotov cocktails and stones at police outside of parliament. officers respond using tear gas and you see the confrontation that developed over last couple hours. the demonstration was held in remembrance of a 15-year-old killed in a police shooting in 2008. his death sparked weeks of violent riots in the streets. the officer responsible was sentenced to life in prison. >> and this
're welcome. julie: right now in syria arab league observers wrapping up their very first day on of the ground prompting the withdrawal of government tanks from the city of olms. site of deadliest violence in the nine-month long uprising. activists say four people were killed in early morning violence. there is a new report of a massive protest in that city. leland vitter is live in jerusalem with the latest. leland, what is going on right now? >> reporter: julie the very good news coming out of today appierce syrian government is using tear gas instead o artillery which is an improvement albeit small one. earlier today the syrian tanks headed out of the city where the revolution began ad the site of the biggest protests. the tanks and armored person until carriers pulling out which had been attacking entire neighborhoods and indiscrimminantly killing people was certainly a welcome sight in the country. 70,000 people took to the streets so celebrate. only couple days ago 70,000 people on the streets would have been shelled from high top hills with heavy artillery. this is something that is pos
. >> same to you. jon: julie? julie: new developments in syria. reports of more violence as syria's government releases hundreds of political prisoners. a live report from the middle east is next. >>> plus new fallout after a security breach at one of the nation's busiest airports. what the tsa is doing to prevent a similar problem in the future. >> announcer: if you think identity theft is scary, just wait until you try to fix it. >> 58 different individuals are using... absolutely, using my old social security number. >> announcer: identity theft has topped the federal government's list of consumer complaints for the last eleven years. it's a serious problem with anyone with a social security number, and it continues to get worse. fact is, on your own, there are many things you can do to deter identity theft. protect your social security number. be internet savvy. use intricate passwords. safeguard your purse and wallet. shred and destroy. seriously, are you really going to do all that? or do you want someone to help protect you from identity theft? we're lifelock. we offer the
control room. the death toll from syria's crack down on its own anti-government protesters, higher than 4,000 according to the u.n. human rights officials now saying president bashar assad should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. >>> evangelist billy graham is in a north carolina hospital waiting to hear whether he has pneumonia. he was admitted with a cough and a slight fever. a spokesman says reverend graham is stable and is in good spirits. >>> the santa ana wind causing huge damage and widespread power outages in southern california. some areas seeing hurricane force wind gusts up to 97 miles per hour. the windstorm is expected to last through friday. jenna: a lot of work there out in california. meantime we have a business alert for you now. new claims for jobless benefits, americans filing for first time unemployment is up when we look at the latest week. above 400,000 which is a key mark. connell mcshane from the fox business network to tell us more about this what do you make of this number? >> reporter: it means we're still stagnant in the job market. manufacturing has b
, but their threat in syria, lebanon and elsewhere, and to our bases in the region. jon: are we already, in effect, in a sort of a covert war with iran? >> i think we're in an intelligence punching game, that is for sure. we've seen a lot of activity related to the nuclear weapons program. we've seen iranian respond by conspiring to assassinate the saudi ambassador to washington. i'm sure there is a lot more going on there and i think that demonstrates the threat that iran constitutes to our interest and how much graver that threat would be if they get nuclear weapons. jon: you think maybe the chinese or somebody else intercepted the drone to bring it down. >> if they can defeat stealth technology a lot of our strategy in the air for combat will be radically undercut. jon: we are out of time for today. ambassador john bolton it's good to have you in. >> thank you. jenna: congress put the former colleague on the hot seat asking him what happened to more than a billion dollars belonging to ranchers and farmers and other clients as well. former new jersey senator john corzine will face some very poin
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)